Use flowers in home staging to wow the buyers

I really love flowers. In fact, I am a bit crazy about them! You can find them everywhere in my house.
Flowers bring so many positive emotions to our life and excite almost all our senses. And now, every corner store has them on display – why not take advantage and use them to decorate your house for spring?

Front door – as you approach your entrance, the flowers say “welcome home” and put a smile on your face.
Foyer – flowers look great on a console table or a window sill. If your foyer is dark or small, flowers will create an instant “upgrade”!
Office – I always keep a small planter with bright blooms by my computer. Just as I take a break from staring at the screen, I look at them and… ahhhhh…and I smile!

Dining room and kitchen – dining table, kitchen countertop, window sills – chose one or fill them all. There is no limit, in my opinion. It is difficult to overdo flower decor in your home!

And if you are preparing your house for sale, I cannot emphasize enough how important flowers are for staging! The main goal of all your staging activities is to create strong positive emotions about your home in your potential buyers and all your activities should focus on that. Plant flowers on your front lawn and by the front door for a happy first impression. Put a vase with fresh cut tulips or blooming branches in the foyer to say “Welcome home!” Put a small vase on a dresser or nightstand in your master bedroom to create a feeling of love and romance. Add a small planter to your desk to make it look less officey and more homey. Skip the placemats and dishes on your dining table and put a large bright orchid instead – it will last long with low maintenance and will give your dining room a luxurious look. Happy staging and decorating!