Summer Staging and Decor Tips

Summer is traditionally a busy time in real estate. And even with the market slowing down, it will still be this year. If you’re selling your property this summer you most likely want to take advantage of the season. Many buyers take some time off to enjoy the weather and at the same time to look for their dream home. Why not put a little bit of extra effort to prepare your home for sale, to maximize the number of interested buyers, offers, and the dollar amount received? Home staging is the best marketing tool that will help you with that.
  1. Nothing says SUMMER better than bright and cheerful throw cushions with flower prints. You can use them both indoors and outdoors.
  2. Highlight outdoor living. Show the buyers how they can enjoy summer on your deck or patio by setting up a sitting area adorned with summer decor items like lanterns, flower containers, and outdoor party lighting.
  3. Even the smallest garden can have the biggest impact. Make sure it’s well maintained and healthy. If you live in a condo, create a garden oasis on your balcony.
  4. Outdoor lighting can be both functional and festive. Highlight a focal point in the garden, define a pathway, or set a table with votives, lights will help you navigate the darkness and create a little romance outside.
  5. As the weather turns hotter with less rain, consider painting the exterior of your house. This will take your curb appeal to the next level.
  6. Let the light in as much as possible. Your home should feel airy and breezy. Change the curtains to light sheers. Remove the furniture that makes a room feel dark and heavy. Make sure the trees and shrubs outside are not blocking the light. And freshly washed windows make a huge difference.
  7. Use natural elements throughout. It’s so easy to do in summer! Fresh cut flowers on the tables, colourful fruit in the kitchen create an instant colour pop and a happy vibe.¬†Flowers and candles put together as a tabletop centerpiece create a feeling of relaxed summer entertaining.¬†Use wicker and rattan furniture, and decor items made of sisal, jute, seagrass, wood, ceramic, and stone. These elements can be introduced by adding baskets, rugs, table lamps, and so much more!