Staging Your Master Bedroom for Success

The Master Bedroom is the most important bedroom to show when you are selling your house. You want not just to show it, but to show it off. Remember, your potential buyers are looking for their ideal imagined lifestyle. They may have a perfect life right now and a happy marriage, but maybe not. But regardless of their present situation, you need to show them what is possible in their new house. The feelings you want to evoke when they walk into your master bedroom is romance, love, luxury, relaxation, elegance, calm, spotless. Think about your most romantic night: perhaps it happened in a posh hotel? This is how you want your master bedroom look, that’s your goal. And if you think that this is impossible, or very expensive, or needs a complete makeover, you are wrong. Here are a few tips on how to achieve this goal.
  1. Paint. Hopefully, your bedroom is already painted in a colour that promotes relaxation: soft light greens, beige, blue, or grey. If not, consider re-painting it. This is a small investment that will bring a big return.
  2. Create balance. Make sure that most of the settings are symmetrical. and well-balanced. According to Feng Shui principles, it is very important to create a feeling of a balanced equal relationship. Nightstands, lamps should be matching. Add some decor items in matching pairs.
  3. Define the function. I said it before, and I will say it again: the room function is very important and should not be combined. Especially in the master bedroom! No computer desk, please. In addition to the bed, if space allows, create a small sitting area with one or two comfy chairs which will serve as a lifestyle element and buyers can visualize having a cup of tea there while reading a book before bed. Make sure there is enough room to walk around it.
  4. Add some sparkle. A large floor mirror reflecting the light is the best. A chandelier with crystals will make it look so luxurious. Do not go overboard though, this is an easy one to overdo.
  5. Dress the bed. Use your best white linens (or buy new ones – you deserve it!), fluffy duvet, and lots of accent pillows. The colours of the pillows should be coordinated with other colours in the room – in artwork and accessories. Cover the box spring with a coordinated bed skirt.
  6. Add artwork and accessories. It is a good idea to add some pictures that promote relaxation or create a feeling of romance. A small tasteful picture or decor item with the word “love” works really well.
  7. Create a focal point. Place the bed in a way that when someone enters the room, it is the first thing they see. The focal point is very important, and it should be unmistakably the bed.
  8. Add window coverings. They should blend with the walls. The windows should not take attention away from the bed, so avoid patterns and bring or dark colours. Simple blinds are totally fine.
  9. Bring flowers. Nothing says “romance” more than flowers. Put a small vase of fresh flowers or a small potted flowering plant on the dresser or a side table.
  10. Clean spotless. Needless to say, you need to clean the room before every showing. Remove all clutter, everything from the floor, magazines, stuffed animals, family photos, and anything that may have your names.
Happy staging and decorating!