Staging DOs and DON’Ts for the Holiday Season

Colder weather didn’t cool off the real estate market. We’re still experiencing a shortage of listings and a multiple offer situation. Great for the sellers, stressful for the buyers. Going into the Holiday season may change it a bit, who knows… In any case, selling during the holidays can be stressful for the sellers, no matter what the market is, and making it presentable to buyers. Who doesn’t want more and higher offers? That’s what happens when the property is staged, looks beautiful and inviting… buyers cannot resist! So what’s the best way to do it with the holiday decor?
Here are some DOs and DON’Ts of holiday decorating homeowners can apply so that they’ll enjoy the season and have their festive home ready for sale.
Curb appeal.
Create a welcoming entrance with a wreath on the front door and large urns with branches. Avoid bows, plastic Santas on the lawn, flashing lights, or any other distracting and overwhelming decorations.
Colour scheme.
Follow your house’s colour scheme when adding holiday decor. Christmas decor doesn’t have to be red and green. If your decor is neutral it’s OK to add sparkle and pops of colour but they should work with your colour palette. There should be a thread of continuity between the rooms and the items in the rooms. Clashing colours will create subliminal discomfort for the buyers.
Scale and proportion.
You may love huge Christmas trees and an abundance of ornaments on the mantel but that’s not the best when you want to showcase the features of your home. The buyers will be distracted if the decor is overpowering. They won’t remember large windows with a view or a beautiful fireplace if these focal points are loaded with stuff and the tree is blocking the window.
Quality and variety.
The former should be high and the latter low. What it means is: use high-quality decor items, avoid plastic, and stick to natural elements and fabrics. Wood, bark, branches, pine cones, fresh flowers, silk, wool, burlap are all good choices depending on your style, elegant or rustic.
However, remove your everyday decor to keep it to a minimum. Also, don’t display religious items and collections like nutcrackers or snowglobes.
Holiday mood.
There are a few things you can put out that will add to the festive mood. For example, you can set up a bar in the kitchen with cookies and hot drinks for the buyers. An essential oils diffuser can add a subtle aroma of cinnamon or pine. A tasteful string of white lights can accentuate a feature in the room and add to the festive atmosphere.
Be creative, remember that less is more and that your goal is to make it easy for buyers to imagine living and celebrate the holidays there.