Prevent Holiday Stress with Houseplants

We hear and say “Happy Holidays!” in December many times a day, but we all know that for many of us this time of the year is very stressful. And if you have your home for sale at the same time, it only adds more stress to your plate. There are a lot of recommendations one can find online about how to reduce stress and make the holidays a happy and joyful time of receiving and expressing love, spending quality time with kids and spouses, being outdoors, while minimizing consumption and the rat race of gift shopping.
These’s one more tip I would like to offer : get a little help from houseplants. I can never say enough about how important it is to incorporate plants in your decor when you have your home on the market. Here’s why:
  • they clean the air, add negative ions, and make your spaces feel happy
  • they bring the outdoors inside, so it doesn’t matter if the weather is gloomy, your home can be still be in bloom
  • they fill empty corners to create a balanced look, give a sense of scale, and can function as focal points
  • they make the space look cozy, inviting, and colourful
  • they can minimize imperfections and draw attention to the important features of your home
And this is how houseplants can help you to deal with the stress of the holidays and keeping your house showings-ready:
  • You can meditate while looking at the plants and noticing their shapes, textures, and colours, and inhale their aroma if you have planted herbs
  • Speaking of the colours, green is the colour of the heart chakra, so by focusing on it you can feel more gratitude, love, and appreciation for everything you have in your life: your loved ones, your home, your opportunities, your gifts. Just like your plants – they show appreciation of your care by growing and blooming.
  • Taking care of plants will remind you to take care of yourself. What will be the activities you can do to mimic watering, dusting, trimming, getting plenty of sunlight, etc?
  • Accept imperfections. Nothing is perfect, including the space you live in. But you do love it, and you can feel positive that somebody else will love it as their new home. It may take some time, but learn patience from your plants, as they grow beautifully without being perfect.
Happy staging and decorating!