Make your home irresistible with four simple décor elements

As I go into peoples’ homes to do staging consultations and talk to the sellers, many of them know the basics of what needs to be done to get the property ready for the market. They know about decluttering, cleaning, increasing perceived value, upgrades, and curb appeal.
No doubt, all these factors are very important. But what I also often see is the lack of charm.
Luckily, it is easy to create charm to showcase your home in a best possible way using home accessories. You do not need to invest in tons of them. Actually, less is more. But accessories need to be selected strategically to create the desired result of balance, harmony, and charm.
Here are four of my favourites.
I say it again and again: the artwork is important! It doesn’t need to be expensive, but it needs to be large and colourful. Artwork brings the most dramatic results, opens up rooms, brings the focal points forward.
Avoid small pictures and hanging pictures on small walls, as it creates visual clutter.
You may not be thinking of books as decorative accessories, but they absolutely are. Most of us have books crammed on bookshelves in a mismatched manner, mixed up in various sizes and styles.
However, thoughtfully chosen books that are leather-bound, or have beautiful glossy covers, convey a sense of sophistication and class. Artbooks, encyclopedias, and vintage books are always a good choice.
They are great for decorating coffee and console tables and any other surfaces, really, and look great when combined with other decor items.
Adding an extra layer to any room is easy – just throw a few pillows!
Be careful with the colours as they should work with the overall colour scheme of your house: artwork, upholstery, wall colours, drapes, etc.
Pillows create texture, interest and comfort.
If your pillows are old and flat, replace them with new plush ones.
Mix textures, patterns, and colours, but don’t overdo it. Too many pillows look busy and distracting.
Just like other elements used for home staging, plants look best and create an impact when they are large.
Floor plants are perfect space fillers for empty corners. Small plants are good for pretty much anything – night stands, bathroom countertops, etc. Large luscious bouquets or flower arrangements make amazing centerpieces.
They bring nature inside, add colour and make people feel good overall.
But only if they are healthy. Replace sick plants, remove dead leaves, and don’t forget to dust them regularly.
And if you don’t want to deal with watering, good quality silk plants works just fine.
Happy staging and decorating!