It’s time to add some pumpkin spice to your decor

Just over a week ago, I was lucky to catch one really warm, truly summer day on the Rathtrevor Beach in Parksville. Last Wednesday I was walking around in a t-shirt and flip-flops and was considering buying an ice-cream cone. And today I welcome fall as I listen to the calming sound of rain outside and cozy up inside with a cup of tea. 

When we think about fall, and it’s about the comfort and warmth of our abode. The season’s mood is to slow down, reflect on our blessings, give thanks, prepare for the colder weather, and make our homes more comfortable as we spend more time inside. 

Smart home sellers also understand that this is the time to project this season’s mood to their potential buyers and add autumn appeal to their homes.Here are a few things you can do to make the buyers feel good in your home this fall. 

  1. Welcome people to enter your home by adding yellow and orange mums and pumpkins to your porch or front door. Fall wreaths are great too but don’t overdo it by putting out too much fall decor, or it will look cluttered rather than inviting.
  2. I always advise my clients to use white towels in all bathrooms for a clean hotel look. However, this time of year you can replace white towels with orange ones and add some seasonal pumpkin-spice fragranced candles.
  3. A piece of art with a fall landscape hung in one of the focal points, like over the fireplace, or a “Welcome Fall” message is a nice touch. It adds a splash of colour and can draw the eye to the most important feature of the room.
  4. To make people feel snuggly and comfy, there is no better way than adding warm and richly textured accessories: knitted throws, fuzzy or velvet pillows, furry rugs, or plush ottomans. So inviting to take a seat, pour a cup of tea, and stay awhile (or move in!).
  5. Plants are always important to add to bring nature inside; now even more so, as they make a colourful statement to the dining or side tables, or the entrance hall console. Fall foliage branches are elegant, and add a dramatic graphic element to any decor. A bowl filled with cones or seasonal fruit is great for any surface.
  6. Do you have a room that is dark or has an awkward corner? By adding a cozy armchair with an orange plush throw, a floor lamp, and a side table you can create a nice reading nook where the buyers can visualize themselves spending quiet time with a cup of tea on a rainy evening.

It’s all about creating good feelings for your buyers… not that difficult with all the colours and textures fall has to offer! 

Happy Staging and Decorating!