Hygge style: good for living, good for staging

You must have heard of hygge, as it’s become very popular worldwide quite a few years ago.
If not, here is a short definition: hygge means creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people. It came to us from Denmark where hygge is the essence of the Danish lifestyle.
There is no direct translation, but the closest meaning is “coziness and “well-being”. The essential hygge activities are: having a good time with friends, reading books wrapped in a warm blanket, having a cup of coffee or tea by the fireplace, getting together at the dinner table with family, cooking together, playing board games. The list goes on and on. Basically, enjoying small pleasures in life.
The essential elements of hygge: candles, open fire, books, blankets, cushions, rugs, teacups, things made of natural materials, hearty foods, and all things old.
You can see from the description that everything on this list makes people feel good and enjoy life.
Hygge permeates every single aspect of life in Denmark, from home to offices, from Christmas to summer holidays. No wonder Danes are one of the happiest people in the world!
We usually think of hygge-ing up when the weather gets cold and we naturally gravitate to the fireplaces, hot tea, scarves, and woolies. And because all this makes us feel nice and cozy, this is only natural that we bring this feeling to our homes when we are ready to sell them.
Here are some tips on how to hygge your home for living as well as for staging. You will improve your well-being and will evoke a hygge feeling in your buyers. They won’t be able to resist your home’s appeal to their senses!
  1. Add candles, lots of them. According to Danes, candles are the hygge-est thing. No surprise, as candles bring a feeling of coziness and create a special atmosphere. Of course, don’t light them as you are not home for showings.
  2. The fireplace is the next on the list. As the days and nights are getting colder, nothing makes us feel better than having a cup of coffee or tea by the fireplace. You can put an armchair with a throw and an old book, and a side table with a cup for the complete lifestyle portrait. Even an electric fireplace is good, don’t forget to turn it on.
  3. You cannot light the candles but you can bring more light. It’s very important, according to hygge experts. In hygge homes light fixtures play a special role and often become artwork and focal points. Calming lighting with table and floor lamps positioned around the rooms creates an intimate atmosphere and soothes the senses.
  4. Create textured layers with rugs, blankets, and pillows. Add them to beds, couches, armchairs (don’t overdo!). The tactile sense is very important for creating a feeling of comfort and calm. The buyers will imagine themselves enjoying this comfort even though they may not touch everything.
  5. Bring in some antiques or vintage items. Old books are great, as well as pottery and paintings. You may have some flea market finds that add character to your decor. In Denmark, old things are treasured and loved in homes and are also considered super hygge.
  6. Warm neutrals are very hygge too. Think about the colour of your walls, upholstery, area rugs. If repainting your walls is not needed then you can bring hygge colours with decor items. Those made of wool, wood, stone, ceramics, bark, bamboo, hemp, clay, iron, copper are the best.
Happy staging and decorating!