How to keep my house well presented during the Holiday Season?

Although there isn’t a lot of people going house hunting in the holidays, the ones
that do are very motivated about buying. For example, a lot of relocations happen
at this time and those buyers are very serious. There’s also less competition, as
many sellers decide to hold off until after the holidays.
There’s another reason why it’s a good idea to sell your house during the holidays:
you can take advantage of the holiday spirit, and present your house in a way that
creates a lot of positive feelings about warmth and coziness of the season, happy
family gatherings, giving and receiving love. It’s a factor that has a strong
emotional pull and shouldn’t be neglected.
With that in mind, if you have your property on the market now, and still have some time until the end of the year, let me give you some ideas on how to create these emotions and present your house during the holidays.
1. Keep it clean.
At any time, this should be the first item on your checklist. And let’s not overlook it
now: keep your house neat and tidy and clean up after parties. Of course, there
will be not too many this year, unfortunately… so hopefully this one will be easy for
2. Keep it simple.
Just a few decorations can stir the holiday spirit. Use your holiday decor in
moderation. Natural elements like branches, logs, pinecones, etc. are excellent decor items.
Stay away from abundance of lawn ornaments, but a colourful spotlight works well
to highlight the entrance to your house and welcome the buyers.
3. Keep it tasteful.
Make sure your holiday decoration matches the style of your house. Don’t mix too
many colors and materials. As I mentioned before, natural winter decor works with
just about anything. Or choose one colour of the ornaments and continue it
throughout the house to create balance and harmony.
4. Highlight the best features.
You know what they are… a breathtaking view from the living room, a fireplace in
the living room, or a spacious sitting area in master bedroom?
Decorate these areas strategically, to catch your buyers attention and help them
envision themselves living here. Put your Christmas tree by that window, hang a
gorgeous wreath over the mantel, add cozy blankets and pillows to the armchairs.
5. Warm it up.
Chilly outside, warm and cozy inside. So cozy, the buyers will want to stay longer!
Turn up the heat, light a fire in the fireplace before every showing. This extra
coziness factor may seem quite obvious, but it’s a very important one.
6. Tease their senses.
Play soft music in the background, put out some delicious-smelling treats, like
cookies, hot chocolate or a pot of apple cider simmering on the stove. Light
cinnamon scented candles and create a special vibe. This will show your buyers
how comfortable your home is – and it can be their home now!
Remember, that the longer they stay, the more they will see themselves living here.