How to Improve Your Life When Working from Home

 I imagine that by now many of us are all used to this new reality of working from home and have all our routines and productive habits nailed down. And now comes another question: how can we still have a feeling of sanctuary when we are working from home and staying here almost 24/7?  Here are my suggestions:

  1. Create a very clear boundary between the working and home environment. This can be done by limiting your work area to your home office or den only. Or setting up working hours. After you leave your home office (whatever it is) at 5 pm, make sure to mentally flip the switch of your mindset to the family, relaxation, or entertainment time.
  2. Schedule some time to decorate your space. I am serious – it is very relaxing and recharging. It helps to take your mind away from stressful thoughts and get into a meditative mode. Choose an area, collect decor items, pictures, etc, and let your creativity soar. Once created, you will be surprised how pleasing it is to rest your eyes here in between your Zoom meetings.
  3. Of course, not everyone is interested in home decor. What is your state of flow? You may have one already, like painting or knitting. Or it’s a perfect time to explore your creativity and start a new hobby. Make a list of things you always wanted to try but never had time to. It may even be something as simple as sorting and digitizing family photos.
  4. Create an isolated reading nook in a quiet area of the house. A comfy chair with a throw, a side table with a lamp, a fluffy area rug, and a colourful artwork. Make sure you have some room to put a cup of tea. Turn off your phone and turn on relaxing music. Indulge all your senses and enjoy your tête-à-tête time with a good book.
  5. Rediscover your green thumb. Gardening outside, creating plant vignettes inside, and playing with plants is one of the best ways to destress and bring oxygen and colour into your rooms.
  6. Set your table every meal like it is a dinner party. Use your best party tableware, napkins, candles, etc. You and your family deserve it!
  7. Is cooking your thing? Now you have more time to try or create new recipes. And how often do we make our food look stunning and food-magazine-worthy as well? What a great way to make your dinners special. And if you have kids at home, it is a great time to get them involved.
Enjoy your #stayhome time in your beautiful relaxing home!