Fall is a new Spring

Spring is time for renewal and rejuvenation and we like to clean our homes in spring. However, during that time I always think “I’d rather be playing outside”.
This is why November is a perfect month for cleaning:
  • we spend much more time inside
  • it’s a good time to make our homes tidy before the holiday season starts
  • get rid of your stuff in anticipation of the New Year and make a clean slate to start it right (we’ll be too busy to do it in December).
Take advantage of November’s rainy weather and get ready for the holiday season and for winter to come!
You will be comfortable having your family and friends over the holidays. You will breathe cleaner air. And it will be one item checked off your holiday list already.
Here is the list of some of the things to do around the house during fall cleaning:
  • Clean your washer and dryer.
  • Clean your doorknobs, doors, and light switch plates.
  • Vacuum under all beds, couches, and other furniture.
  • Dust the tops of doors and door frames.
  • Spot clean carpets and rugs.
  • Wash window sills, and all the window groves.
  • Clean floors underneath area rugs.
  • Wash curtains or have them cleaned.
  • Refresh bedding that isn’t regularly washed (comforters, pillows, etc.).
  • Vacuum and flip mattresses.
  • Put cold-weather linens on the beds.
  • Switch out seasonal clothes in the closets.
  • Clean your kitchen and bathroom grout.
  • Clean your refrigerator coils and under your refrigerator.
  • Clean the inside of your dishwasher.
  • Clean and condition the wood of your bathroom and kitchen cabinets.
  • Clean your oven.
  • Wash and disinfect all the garbage cans.
  • Vacuum upholstered furniture.
  • Vacuum under your upholstered furniture cushions.
  • Polish your wood furniture.
  • Wash artificial plants.
  • Dust living plants’ leaves.
  • Wipe down your screens (TV, computer, etc.).
  • Clean keyboards and remote controls.
  • Change your HVAC air filter.
  • Replace your fire alarm batteries.
  • Condition your leather furniture.
  • Dust your ceiling fans and set them to turn so air circulates upward.
  • Sweep the chimney and/or have it checked.
  • Clean out rain gutters.
  • Check weather stripping and replace as necessary.
In addition to the cleaning, it’s also a good time for decluttering and getting rid of the items you no longer need.
Donate them to a local charity, sell them online, and as the last resort, take them to a dump. Start the New Year with less stuff, and you’ll feel so much lighter and healthier.
And if you decide to sell your house soon you’ll be so glad you did that ahead of time.
So many times when working with clients, I hear from them “we should have done this a long time ago”.
So many homeowners have stuff they don’t use but don’t have time/energy/desire to get rid of it.
And when they are ready to sell their home, it only adds to the stress.
Another benefit: fewer boxes to pack and move to the new house – how great is that!
Only unpack the items that are loved and will be used, and no headache like “why did I bring THIS to my new home?”
Seriously, do yourself a favour and fall-clean your home.