Every Day is Valentine

We often wait for holidays as an appropriate time to create special feelings or events in our lives. Valentine’s Day is a good example. Flowers, candles, gifts, champagne, and tête-à-tête time with your honey are all wonderful things. But why wait for February if it’s quite easy to create sensual, sexy, and romantic feelings in your home environment at any time of year?

Create a sexy sanctuary in your bedroom.

Hang a crystal chandelier, upholster the headboard with velvet, cover the walls with gorgeous wallpaper, add a cosy seating area for two, hang an oversized mirror, pile the bed with luxurious linens, pillows, and blankets, and put all lights on dimmers.

Add a sensual touch throughout the house.

Use silk, leather, velvet, shimmery fabrics and fur in different combinations and rich colours. (Faux fur and leather are OK too). It can be throws, accent cushions, drapery, rugs. These layers of texture will create a sophisticated and sensual look and feel.

Paint walls in decadent colours.

Dark walls create drama and inspire intimacy. Black, royal blue, purple or other jewel tones will look good in any room. You can paint an accent wall if painting the entire room is too much for you. Flat finish works well, but use gloss finish to take it up a notch.

Layer the lighting.

Set the mood by using diffused lighting, put all switches on dimmers, add string or fairy lights, put candles throughout (and light them instead of saving for a special occasion), hang a crystal chandelier. You can also create a canopy bed adding sheer white fabric lined with fairy lights!
Or add magic with star lights to your ceiling – what can be more romantic than spending a night under the stars?

Invest in bold and sexy art.

If you want to be more daring and create more sex appeal, it can be achieved with the expressiveness of nude art. Hanging nude painting or placing a nude sculpture is something you may want to try. For less adventurous, romantic artwork in pastels works well too.

Infuse your home with fresh and sensual scents.

Last but not least. Flowers are wonderful for creating a romantic mood. Put small vases with buds on side tables and nightstands, a large bouquet on the dining table, or you can put them pretty much anywhere.
Another way to add fragrances is to use naturally scented candles and essential oil diffusers. These are essential oils that are famous for their aphrodisiac effect: clary sage, lavender, sandalwood, ylang-ylang, and ginseng.
Happy decorating!