Does your laundry room deserve to be staged?

Let me just put it this way: you deserve to have a beautiful laundry room and when it’s time to sell your home, you will be ready to show it off 🙂
In my 12 years of home staging experience, I haven’t seen lots of nice laundry rooms. After all, it’s just a place to do laundry, and most of us are not too crazy about this chore. And so poor laundry rooms are forgotten and pushed to the bottom of the list of decluttering, decorating or renovating. And it’s often the room where we shove stuff that gets in the way as we cannot find any better place for it. Sounds familiar?
When it comes the time to put the house for sale, again, laundry rooms are not the ones that are considered important to impress potential buyers.
But is it true? I don’t think so. Of course, they are not as important as living rooms and master bedroom. However, they give us a chance to create positive feelings about the house here as well. Imagine your buyers are saying: “This house is amazing, and even the laundry room is so beautiful, clean and shiny, much better than the one I have now… I cannot wait to do my laundry here!” And so you scored one more point with them, which can be a tipping point in the direction of an offer!
It is not that difficult to make your laundry room inviting. Here are a few tips:
  1. It is not a storage room. Pack up everything not related to laundry. Having pantry items, blankets, pet food, etc. in this room tell your buyers that there is not enough storage in other areas of the house.
  2. Obviously, cleaning is extremely important as dust and grime accumulate here very fast. That includes all surfaces, up and down, and the machines too (you may need to do some detailing here). Check for any suspicious odours as mould can grow here easily.
  3. In some cases painting your laundry room in a light neutral colour is the best solution. Laundry rooms often do not have windows and dark wall colours make them look even darker.
  4. Speaking of light, it is very important here just as in any other room. Use the maximum wattage bulbs or replace your one-bulb light fixture (most popular in laundry rooms everywhere) with a two-bulb fixture. What a difference a bulb makes!
  5. Do the laundry regularly even if it means smaller batches so that you don’t have accumulated dirty clothes when you get a call for a showing. There should be absolutely no dirty laundry in the washer. If you have some, keep in in a hamper with the lid closed.
  6. Keep all your laundry and other cleaning supplies inside the cupboards. If you have open shelves, buy a few attractive baskets or decorative boxes that are not see-through, and keep everything inside of them.
  7. Decorate your laundry room. Why not? In addition to the baskets and boxes, buy a new pretty hamper. Add a live plant if the room has natural light, otherwise, a silk plant is great. Hang some artwork – why not? A splash of colour will add some cheer to an otherwise boring room. Another idea: buy stylish storage containers for your laundry supplies. Then you can display them on the shelves instead of hiding them in a cupboard.
  8. Now your laundry room is irresistible to buyers!