Does your home have New Year’s resolutions?

New Year’s resolutions this year are trending towards home: design, organization, location.
The reality of many working and studying from home has changed people’s perspective towards a slower life. Less commute, more time with the family spent at home. We want it to be a happy sanctuary in the midst of high anxiety and the turbulence in the world outside with its health and political crises.
We want it to be more comfortable, creative, organized, relaxing, and beautiful.
And the 2021 trends definitely reflect these desires. Zen interiors, organized home offices and kitchens, clean lines, earthy comforting colours, lots of plants, and textures.
There is plenty to choose from for every taste and lifestyle.

Smart kitchens.

Kitchens this year are all about efficiency and natural aesthetics. Hidden hardware and gadgets, push-style latches. Contemporary design with natural wood finishes. Smart appliances and Alexa-enables fridges. Sexy sinks and faucets. Touchscreens, and cameras for video chats with the remote family members while preparing a meal. They’re just fun to spend time in!

Functional foyers.

Come home and shut the door to the outside world. This year is not just about the organized space, but the most welcoming sanctuary look and feel and, not surprisingly, an addition of a stylish sanitizing station and focus on hygiene.

Creative workspaces.

Home offices started to emerge as a major trend last year, and it continues this year. We are getting more creative and making rooms multifunctional, carving some space out of a hallway, kitchen, family room. It’s not just a laptop on the kitchen counter anymore. A little office nook this year is beautiful as well as functional, with artwork, flower arrangement, and creative storage. Turning walk-in closets into small offices is becoming more and more popular because we want less stuff and more functionality.

Cozy bedrooms.

Bedrooms now have more texture with a focus on a return to nature. Sustainable sheets, plenty of cushions, and throws in earthy comforting colours, giving a feeling of cocooning. Cozy reading nooks are very popular this year, either as window seats, or built-in between cabinets to create a place to hide from the outside world.

Wild walls.

Even though Ultimate Gray is one of Pantone’s Colours of the year, we’ll see a lot of other colours taking the stage: rich browns, seafoam greens, and other nature-inspired hues. Blush is the new neutral, loved by Millenials, and we’ll see a lot of it this year as well. In addition, textures are now also taking the walls to a new level. Living walls (aka vertical gardens), 3D wallpaper, and fabric upholstery will add drama, or serenity, or luxury to your home.
You choose what feeling you want to create.