Does Home Staging cost you money or make you money?

I remember when I was just starting my home staging business back in 2009, a newly Certified Canadian Staging Professional. It was still the dawn of the industry in Victoria. Home Staging was called “fluffing” and realtors would give me “a funny look” when I presented myself at the open houses visited around town. Home Staging was not something Victoria needed! Really? I saw houses that repelled me as soon as walked in. I saw staging done for a “Hall of Shame”. My own first stages didn’t look that great, I have to admit.
Fast forward a few years, and look how the scene has changed. Especially lately, when Millenials entered the Real Estate scene, both as Agents and Buyers. Educated, open to new ideas, proficient on all social media platforms, and following the design trends, they set the tone for the properties they want to buy. They pay attention to photos of outstanding quality and are willing to pay premium prices for move-in properties.
And modern home staging can provide that. That’s why it’s important to hire a professional, certified, and experienced home stager, who can ensure the result the Agents and Sellers are looking for. A stager who can consult the seller on the choices of colour, tiles, flooring, layouts, and more. A stager who can bring in beautiful furnishings, original artwork, and contemporary accessories to create an impact and the model home look and feel. Yes, it costs money because it’s not “fluffing” anymore. It involves the design, logistics, and a lot of preparation. It’s the quality of work that can completely transform the buyers’ experience and present them with exactly what they’re looking for. That’s why statistics show that investing only 1.3% in Home Staging, brings an ROI of 7.1% to the sellers.
409-1011 Burdett Street:
Original Price: $889,000 Sold Price: $1,011,000
7188 Cedar Brook Place:
Original Price: $799,000 Sold Price: $958,000
101-1531 Elford Street:
Original Price: $535,000 Sold Price: $614,000
1262 Roslyn Road:
Original Price: $1,625,000 DOM:5 Sold Price: $1,900,000
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