5 Ways to make your home irresistible to buyers

  1. Make it easy to navigate throughout your house. Remove all obstacles on the way from the front door to the living room, kitchen, and so on. Make it absolutely clear where they can sit by the fireplace, entertain guests, play with kids, watch TV, and enjoy a hobby. Arrange seating areas where they sit comfortably and see something exciting, an art piece, or a beautiful view.
  2. Bring in accessories to stir all buyers’ senses: tall and luscious plants, colourful ceramics, fluffy throws, antique books, essential oils diffusers, and a wine collection. Create a home so vibrant and seductive, that the buyers will picture themselves living here very easily. It doesn’t matter that all these things don’t come with the house – in their mind, it’s the house they always wanted to live in.
  3. Have everything beautifully organized, inside and out. Make your closets and cupboards decor magazine cover-worthy. I know, we don’t live like that. At least most of us. But we all WANT to live like that! Present the buyers with their dream. They have their own clutter, and in their future home, they don’t want to see any.
  4. Choose one amazing thing that makes your home memorable so that the buyers will easily refer to it when they talk about your house, almost like a nickname. “That house with the view, with that amazing artwork over the fireplace, that cool antique chair…etc”. Then make sure this “one thing” is emphasized and presented as a focal point of one of the most important rooms.
  5. Use lighting wisely. It’s extremely important to get it right and create a warm, cozy atmosphere. Use table lamps for more intimate places like bedrooms, and three sources where you need more light like a living room. This will create more depth in the room and will make it more inviting. Invest in a gorgeous chandelier and new lampshades, it’s totally worth it.